Teacher Mantey School faces Imminent Closure-Death trap

Teacher Mantey Presby Primary and JHS School located along Accra-Kumasi highway is facing imminent closure come next academic year. DSCN6379Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Teacher Mantey,is one of the poorest villages of the region. Child labor is a common practice in this community; some children drop out of school to help their parents in their farm to help increase the family income.

The school which serves over 150 school children in the over 40 years old classroom block has not seen any major renovation since it was put up by the community to educate their children. The dilapidated structure has become a death trap for pupils and teachers. The roof is irreparable, the building structures are unstable ,unsafe and not suitable for effective teaching and learning.

Youth Advocates Ghana-YAG,a local Non Governmental Organization visited  the school to assess the needs and solicit for funds to construct a new six unit classroom block for the community.

Speaking to Mr. Emmanuel Azaigah,the Headmaster of the school, He said he had written letters to the ‘authorities’ to no avail and expressed worry that until ‘something is done before school reopens, some of our children might not come back to the school.’

He said the school was built decades ago and get worse every year. “Often there’s dirt on the walls and on the floors and a makeshift blackboard is the only thing that makes these crumbling structures resemble a school. The kids walk miles to school every day in their quest for a better life only to sit hunched on broken benches with no desks in a room with a broken chalkboard and poor lighting. When it rains, they feel it, when they have to go to the bathroom, they hold it. Girls who have their period stay home from school, deciding that to miss a few days is better than having to squat outside over a hole in the ground with no privacy”.

‘We tried holding classes under trees but you know the rain and stormy weather disrupted our activities. We were just lucky that our pupils escaped serious injuries during a terrible rainstorm one Friday” ,he lamented.

Mr. Azaiagah stressed that if the situation continued, many of the children, especially the girls, would become dropouts, disclosing that last year, three pregnant girls sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the school.

A safe classroom is the key step in providing children with education .By helping to rebuild this school, you can help these students get the education they deserve. Studies have shown that when children are given an education, deviant behaviors such as prostitution decline. As a generation of educated children becomes adults, they will improve the quality of life for everyone in their community. Educated children will make more money than their parents and will be better prepared to pull their families out of poverty. The overall health of the community members will also improve. With newfound education and prosperity, diseases such as AIDS will begin to lose their grip and infant mortality rates will improve. What these children learn within the four walls of a newly built school house can have a ripple effect that improves life for their own children, their grandchildren, and the children of future generations. With $50,000,the dream of a new classroom blocks, computer laboratory, a library, a latrine and an improved teaching and learning in this school will be realized.

Are you a leader of a company,group,church or an organization? Are you interested in fulfilling dreams of rural children by providing a safe classroom blocks, then this project is yours. Please email educateonechildghana@yahoo.com  or 00233 206 077 870 to learn more.

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The story of Ata,a street boy

Dear Members of Our Global Community:

Ata Adjei is a young boy of 14 years old who lost his father at 5 years old. Instead of Imageattending school, he has been selling ice cream in the market and sleeping on the streets of Nsawam. Youth Advocates Ghana sponsors children like Ata and helps them return to school to get the education that they need.

Through education, we can transform the future of tomorrow on a global scale. With as little as $25, you could help Youth Advocates Ghana purchase text books, uniforms and other educational supplies that these children cannot afford in order to return to school, and that their government does not pay for.

Please support Youth Advocates Ghana’s Education Program and help us transform communities and revive hope in Ghana, West Africa. To learn more about what Youth Advocates Ghana’s Education Program is doing to empower children, or to find out about how we are helping young victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, please follow these links below:http://www.gofundme.com/youth-advocates-ghana